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We don't just clean, we sanitize and disinfect

It only takes one person not washing their hands thoroughly to spread millions of germs across the office. This is why when we treat common office areas we only use hospital grade virus killing cleaners. These solutions cost us more money but we are willing to spend a little extra to provide a greater service. Remember, a typical office workers hands come in contact with over 10 million bacteria a day. Feel free to print our information graphic on germ facts and hang it in your break area. Click here.

Our employees are trained to clean our way

The biggest way we are able set ourselves apart is committing ourselves to quality cleaning. We're constantly training our people on how to be the best and what it means to our reputation. If it takes us extra time to get the expected result then that's what we will do. We only know one way of doing things and that's the best way it can be done.

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And at the end of the day, AcquireClean delivers measurable results

From time to time we will leave a short survey for our client contact along with our nightly communication log. Why do we do this? Because we want to make sure we are constantly improving our services, not just in our own eyes but yours too. We strive to achieve the best results on a daily bases, and when we do, our employees receive reward incentives which encourages them to want to continue working hard for your facility. When our workers are happy, our clients are happy. When our clients are happy we are too!

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